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Important Change in the Portland Meadows Live Racing Schedule

2014 Tillamook County Fair Conditions

2014 Contact Information

Bedding Policy Portland Meadows

Portland Meadows announces the Special Live Race Day and Barbecue Championship Please click here for details

OHBPA Members,
Attached for your convenience below is the stall application for the 2014-2015 Race Meet at Portland Meadows. Unfortunately the cost of removing straw has become so prohibitive we must use pellets, shavings or sawdust this year. We understand that is more costly to you our horsemen and horsewomen. To help the OHBPA Board is in the process of creating a program that will provide some financial assistance to all of you with regard to bedding. Stay tuned for more information coming out soon!!

Stall Application

Tillamook County Fair
July 21, 2014

The OHBPA and the Tillamook County Fair have partnered to keep the backside open at Tillamook longer this year. Thank you Tillamook.!! The details are listed below.

  • Backside Opens July 21
  • Backside Closes August 13
  • Starting Gate Available July 21
  • Track Available July 21
  • Stalls/Barns Available July 21 (Washed and Ready)
  • Walkers Can Be Set Up July 21
  • Electricity for RV's Approximately July 23 or 24
  • Stall Contact Sherrille Schafer (503-801-0750)

Enjoy Tillamook racing and the trees, cheese and ocean breeze!!

Randy C. Evers
Executive Director
Oregon Horsemen's Benevolent Protective Association

Portland Meadows Update
July 18, 2014

This week the Boards of both the OHBPA and OTOBA agreed to a race meet contract with Portland Meadows subject to review by our respective attorneys. Yesterday we reported this progress to the Oregon Racing Commission and they are in full support. Barring any unforeseen circumstances we are racing again at Portland Meadows. There are still several details to work out with regard to the race meet. Work will begin immediately on the Race Meet Calendar and the Purse and Stakes Schedule. However here is some information that should not change:

  • Backside Opens August 12, 2014
  • Opening Day October 12, 2014
  • Closing Day February 11, 2015
  • Number of Races Minimum of 360 races up to 450 races if purse account is sufficient/li>
  • Instant Racing January 1, 2015 or shortly thereafter

Good Luck at the races!!

Randy C. Evers
Executive Director
Oregon Horsemen's Benevolent Protective Association

News from The Oregon HBPA
July 2, 2014

Things have been hopping at the OHBPA.

Since June we have been busy supporting the summer race meets in both Union and Grants Pass Oregon. Both meets have seen increases in handle and have had good attendance. The number of horses to fill races is a bit of a struggle but the racing has been competitive. We also continue to explore ways with our partners to attract more jockeys to our summer meets. We are looking forward to 4th of July of racing at Grants Pass and then the fun of night racing at the Crooked River Roundup in Prineville. Good Luck everyone!

We also selected three new Board members recently. Congratulations and welcome aboard to Sue Hurley, Cheryl Weaver and Dana Pettibone. The Board is excited to have these new members and all three have already shown a real commitment to their new duties and responsibilities. We have many challenges and opportunities ahead for the racing industry and the OHBPA and having these new Board members is a huge plus in meeting them.

We have also been spending a considerable amount of time, energy and thought on the 2014-2015 race meet at Portland Meadows. We learned in May there was a possibility Portland Meadows may not be submitting an application for a 2014-2015 race meet. With that information we scheduled a meeting with the Senior Management Team of the Stronach Group, owners of Portland Meadows, to discuss this matter. Ron Sutton OHBPA President, Debby Funk OHBPA Vice-President, Dan Warden OTOBA President and Randy Evers OHBPA Executive Director flew to Florida to meet with the Stronach Group. It was clear that the possibility of closing Portland Meadows was a reality but after five hours of discussion and negotiation we agreed to explore options to keep the track open. Since then there has been a lot of give and take on behalf of the Stronach Group, the OHBPA and the OTOBA. The status as of July 1, 2014 is that Portland Meadows submitted a 2014-2015 race meet application to the Oregon Racing Commission and the application was approved with contingencies. One contingency is an approved written contract between the Stronach Group and the Horsemen be submitted to the Racing Commission within 30 days. We are working diligently on the contract and hope to have something resolved soon.

We know the uncertainty of the race meet has been difficult for everyone. This has been a very difficult negotiation process with extremely differing views not only between parties but within the parties themselves. We understand not everyone will be in agreement with the decisions made by the Board. But please know, as difficult as this process was to complete, decisions were made with the best interest of all Horsemen and Horsewomen in mind.Once we have an approved contract we will communicate those details immediately.

Have a great summer of racing everyone!!

Randy C. Evers
Executive Director
Oregon Horsemen's Benevolent Protective Association

Portland Meadows Update

Good Evening OHBPA Members and Fellow Stakeholders,

Today the Oregon Racing Commission approved a race meet license for Portland Meadows contingent upon a written agreement between the OHBPA and Portland Meadows. That written agreement is close to being finalized but there are a few details that need to be worked out. So until that contract is agreed to and signed by both parties nothing is final at this time. We hope to have the written agreement to the Oregon Racing Commission within the next 30 days.

As soon as the parties agree to the contract and submit the agreement to the Oregon Racing Commission we will communicate with you again on all the details of the race meet.

My personal thanks to all of you for your patience. I know this has been a very difficult time not knowing what will happen with Portland Meadows and the 2014-2015 race meet. Please know your OHBPA Board has been doing an extraordinary amount of work in negotiating with Portland Meadows with your best interests in mind. Please feel free to share this e-mail with those interested parties I might have missed. Thank you!!

Randy C. Evers
Executive Director
Oregon HBPA

We need your input!

The OHBPA Board of Directors would like your input regarding the current Portland Meadows race meet. Your input will be very valuable as we begin planning for the 2014 -2015 race meet and negotiating a contract with Portland Meadows. Please take a few minutes and provide your input. (Click Here) You may turn your survey in at the OHBPA office. Thank you!!


Please donate 1% of your race earnings to support the Future of Racing in Oregon Group (FROG) Political Action Committee.  FROG has done a great job of supporting racing in Oregon and your contribution will help support their future work.  And you get a dollar for dollar credit on your Oregon tax return!  Please see flyer for more details.

Thank you so much!!

Oregon HBPA

General Membership Meeting and Dinner

OCTOBER 12, 2014
6:00 PM





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